EntreComp learning can take place in both formal and non-formal learning

environments. Modules around the 15 competences are delivered via elearning

mechanisms. ​Training activity is coordinated through our partners - entrepreneurship

ecosystems; educational institutions and other learning environments; nonprofit

organizations and affinity groups; private sector enterprises and public sector

institutions. Our work takes us around the globe, and we are equipped to bring

our model anywhere on Earth.

EntreComp forms the basis for several initiatives such as One Plan 4 One Planet,

Reversing Emigration Trends Through Entrepreneurship, and EYENEET -

helping young people not in employment, education or training acquire skills for

entrepreneurship and the workforce.

Because entrepreneurship is universally seen as the spark of prosperity, creating

new jobs and new businesses, new ways to deliver basic services and new ways

of seeing the world, EntreComp Education & Training aims at helping spur

economic growth and create jobs and arm students with skillsets for success in 

education, the job market and life. EntreComp is positioned to help entrepreneurs

generate new knowledge, find new uses for technology and create new business

models. An important objective in conducting EntreComp training is enabling

individuals to transform ideas and opportunities into products and services of

societal value by applying entrepreneurship principles toward addressing the

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (i.e. the SDGs or Global Goals).   

The Global Goals are inter-related and intertwined with economic development,

job creation and improved living conditions that are also the ultimate objectives

of EntreComp Education & Training. Contact us if you want to bring our model

to ​your region!

* Spotting opportunities 

* Creativity 

* Vision 

* Valuing ideas

* Ethical and sustainable thinking

​​Inquiry-Based Learning is real world learning in problem-solving that 
complements entrepreneurship education for knowledge deepening. 
Real world learning supported by our training model offers a holistic and

flexible approach to learning in preparation for acquiring 21st Century

skills needed in the workforce, in entrepreneurship and for success

throughout the education continuum. RWL is often referred to as

Phenomenon or Experietial Learning - and is based on the the same

problem-solving methods used in scientific communities. This is the

systemic changes needed to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to problem

solving that leads toward understanding core concepts more thoroughly,

unlocking creativity and acquiring the ​skillsets so important in entrepreneurship.

EntreComp training is conducted via the Community of Practice, where

we empower our trainers to rethink the skills they have or need to acquire

to bring our vision to life: "A world in which every learner can acquire the
entrepreneurial skills needed to be alert and responsive to change and

capable of designing and implementing new solutions to complex problems."

* Taking the initiative

*  Planning and management
*  Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk

*  Working with others 

* Learning through experience

Anyone, at any age, at any stage in life can

engage in EntreComp training ​to become

entrepreneurial - that is, acquiring the

ability to transform opportunities

and ideas ​into products and

services that have value to others.

A growth mindset is the underlying beliefs that orient our behaviors and a

way of thinking - a learned cognitive modelthat is acquired slowly and subtly,

over a long period of time as the result of experiences. A growth mindset,

versus a fixed mindset, consists of the set of attitudes, skills and behaviors

that individuals need to succeed, not  only in entrepreneurship but also

academically, personally and professionally. These include: initiative and

self-direction, risk-taking, flexibility and adaptability, creativity and 
innovation, critical  thinking and problem solving. Other definitions 
include the ability to see opportunities, marshal  resources and create value.  

Visit our main site at www.EntreCompEd.eu

​​The EntreComp Open Badge Platform will serve as a common support

system for qualification transparency of skills acquired during training.

Digital badges will be issued and available for download upon completing

the three components of training: EntreComp Entrepreneurship Education,

Inquiry-Based Learning and Acquiring a Growth Mindset. 

Why does EntreComp matter?

EntreComp defines entrepreneurship in all its dimensions. It is a broad concept,
so in addition to its application toward starups, 
it is valuable for lifelong learning,

individual growth and enhanced employability. EntreComp can be applied toward

starting an entrepreneurial venture startup. Working environments can embrace the

spirit of entrepreneurship through EntreComp training in order to allow a company

to create or invent products and services that complement core business offering,

innovate or utilize technology more efficiently. Education systems can infuse

EntreComp into any discipline or subject matter to improve learning outcomes,

bolster knowledge deepening and help their students acquire skills that will propel

them throughout the education continuum and into the workforce.  Retirees can apply

EntreComp towards becoming entrepreneurs themselves or use their extensive

experience, expertise and background in volunteering to help others become entrepreneurs. 

The public sector can offer EntreComp training to employees and section/department

heads to promote the development of entrepreneurship skills in the workplace to 

overcome common challenges, to transform operations with SMART technologies

and to support the process of becoming a resilient community. Families can come together

to engage in an ​entrepreneurial venture to create a needed product or service for a market


* Self-awareness and self-efficacy 

* Motivation and perseverance 

* Mobilizing resources

* Financial and economic literacy

* Mobilizing others.

Our entrepreneurship training model consists

of four components:

Growing Entrepreneurship With EntreComp

Who Can Become Entrepreneurial

with EntreComp?

How does EntreComp improve learning outcomes?

What is EntreComp?

Where does EntreComp learning take place?

"The Building Blocks of Entrepreneurship" ​ embraces EntreComp

as its foundational basis to translate the concept of “entrepreneurship” 

into a model with which it is possible to speak about entrepreneurship 

in all its dimensions. EntreComp supports a methodology and 

corresponding tool that allows the competency elements in the area 

of knowledge, attitude and skills to be measured. The results are  the 

starting point for the further development of the underlying competencies 
and associated indicators. The entrepreneurship is thus made transparent and


Ten years ago, the European Commission 

identified a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship 

as one of the eight key competences necessary for a

knowledge-based society. The EntreComp framework 

proposes a shared definition of entrepreneurship as a

competence, with the aim to raise consensus among all

stakeholders and to establish a bridge between the worlds

of education and work.The EntreComp Framework constitutes

the building blocks of entrepreneurship as a competence. The

framework is composed of three areas with five competences each

along a progression model that supports specified learning outcomes.